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Steffen holds a Bachelor of Engineering and an INSEAD MBA. He has worked at start up level, in large multinationals and in NGOs.


His main focus is on how to use creative and entrepreneurial thinking to incubate purpose-driven innovation. He believes that only if you can engage the heart and mind, can you truly deliver a better way of doing things.


He is a trainer for “Maximizing Creative and Logical Thinking” and has worked with Professor Kim at INSEAD on Blue Ocean Strategy.  He is passionate about using Lean Start-up methodology to access big ideas fast. He has been also trained in IDEO Human Centric Design. 


He has applied these approaches in different contexts:

  • Through Acumen, he worked on creating new better food choices.

  • He also worked on a $10 inflatable fridge during a CERN/The Port hackathon in 2014.

  • He is now exploring with the International committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) how this idea can be improved for better disaster recovery.


If you are facing a challenge and you need a major breakthrough in your thinking, get in touch with me here.



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