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I believe that the next frontier lies in 'for purpose' products and services - specifically those that support a compassionate society and a circular economy.


I believe that the next big business opportunities will come from using innovation in a strategic way to solve our world's most pressing problems.

I have repeatedly won awards for my contribution to bringing game changing ideas to life.  My experience is unusual in that it spans the whole spectrum of business - from large multinationals, to start ups, hackerthons, business unit turnaround, working in an NGO and partnering with large humanitarian organisations.  


It ranges from:


  • Returning a business unit to sustainable growth,

  • Delivering a project on the “Building of the Future” to meet the EU 2020 environmental goals,

  • Embarking on my own entrepreneurial pioneering journey in clean tech.  Creating a new sustainable model for de-centralised power supply - a project which made it onto the World Economic Forum Pioneer watch list and was supported by the Swiss “Committee for Technology and Innovation (CTI)”,

  • Participating in the CERN Hackerthon and was one of the only teams to deliver a product to market,

  • Partnering with the ICRC to better identify victims of natural disaster through the 'Better Body Bag' Project, which was voted Top 25 Business Idea in Switzerland by Venture 2016,

  • Currently advising large organisations on new business models.


I have 12 years experience in multinational corporate environments before co-founding a social enterprise in 2010. The company I co-founded delivers a better way to produce electricity using renewable energy. A pilot site today showcases the new approach.


Now, I use my knowledge and experience to support companies and humanitarian organisations to come up with game changing ideas and make them real.  I work with large organisations, start-ups and on private projects.


My dream is to create a large incubator for game changing business ideas.  


I believe that our most powerful future business opportunities will come from improving the way we treat and use our planet's resources - both our people and our natural environment.  

So that we will all win by doing good business, doing good.

I hold a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and an INSEAD MBA. I live and work in Switzerland. I speak English, German and French.

About Me
I am a versatile engineer and entrepreneur.  I am
fascinated by breakthrough innovation.  
I am obsessed by making game changing business real.  
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