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I hold a Bachelor of Engineering and an INSEAD MBA. 


My main focus is on supporting you to come up with your next game changing business idea and making it real.

I understand the real challenges of bringing innovation to life.  I have lived them first hand.  Let me share with you what I have learnt and what it takes to break through.

I have worked at start up level, in large multinational, in NGOs, in incubators and with large humanitarian organisations.  I am trained by CTI (the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation) as a Board Member for Start-ups.

I am a trainer for “Maximising Creative and Logical Thinking” and have worked with Professor Kim at INSEAD on Blue Ocean Strategy.  I am Passionate about using Lean Start-up methodology to access big ideas fast. I have been also trained in IDEO Human Centric Design. But most importantly I have lived it and done it.


If you are facing a challenge and you need a major breakthrough in your thinking, get in touch with me here.



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