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  • Supported various commercial clients to drive disruptive innovation from within their organisations.

  • Developed innovative ideas at the CERN / The Port Hackathon, including a $10 inflatable fridge as well as methodologies to better identify victims of natural disasters for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

  • Working with a CERN partner to find better use of advanced 3D sensor

  • Supporting an NGO in improving the production of chlorine to fight water borne deseases

  • Co-founded a business to make future energy supply more sustainable, which has been recognised by CTI and the World Economic Forum.

  • Building a concept for the "Building of the Future" to meet the EU 2020 environmental goals

  • Working with an NGO on how to create better food choices

  • Putting a business unit for safety equipment back on the growth path

  • Extensive market research to better understand women and communicate the benefits of a  better products

  • Do production planning for two plants, supplying 28 countries



Work to date


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